Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fish Oil, Anyone?

I recently went to a cardiologist for a little heart palpitation issue (don't worry, I'm fine!). While I was there, the cardiologist, Dr. Claire Boccia Liang whose office is in Morristown, NJ (by the way, a WONDERFUL cardiologist)recommended a fish oil supplement daily. Well, I don't know about you, but the fish oil supplements that I have taken in the past have been, well, too fishy for me! I hate the aftereffects and let's just leave it at that. Dr. Boccia had recently been to a conference and found out about a supplement that is pleasant tasting, has no fishy aftertaste and is of a pharmaceutical grade---therefore, you don't have to be concerned about mercury or PCB contamination. YEAH! I ran right out to Whole Foods and bought a bottle of Barlean's Lemon Swirl fish oil supplement and started it right away. I am in love! Seriously, it tastes great. There is no fishy burping and no fish taste on the breath. This is good stuff! They also make a kids' version and a pet supplement,so the whole family is covered.

I just thought I couldn't keep a good thing to myself, so I am passing it along. After all, what are friends for, anyway? Enjoy!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Random Act of Kindness

One of the things I like to practice daily is random acts of kindness--put a quarter in the parking meter for someone whose parking meter has expired, let another motorist ahead of me in a merge, hold the door open for someone and allow them to go through first, or just smiling at someone is an act of kindness.

We were recently on vacation in Cabos San Lucas, Mexico with our granddaughter, Jazlyn, when she was the recipient of someone's random act of kindness! We were heading home after a relaxing week, sitting in the Wings restaurant at the airport having a bite to eat. My husband likes to get to the airport VERY early so we don't miss the flight back home. One flight per day out of Cabos is a direct flight to our local airport and we don't want to chance the possibility of multiple connections when we come back from Cabos. Our plane was delayed and we were doing our best to entertain our 4 year old traveling companion, but anyone who travels with small children know that airport delays are when gremlins attack small children's behavior control! We were finishing our lunch when a beautiful woman wandered over to our table with a beautiful straw hat in her hand. She held out the hat to Jazlyn and said that she had bought the hat on the beach while in Cabos but that it was too small for her and asked Jazlyn if she would like to have it since she thought it would be just the right size for someone her size. Jazlyn's eyes got huge and she readily accepted and thanked the kind lady for the hat. I managed to find out that the lady was from New Mexico but then she was gone! I didn't find out her name.

This picture on this blog is the look of a little girl who is the recipient of a random act of kindness. This is the look that someone else might experience when you perform a random act of kindness. Doesn't that make you feel good?

Thank you so much to the kind lady whose name I didn't get at the Cabos Airport on Saturday, February 13, 2010.